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Initially, a few words about Carl J.A. Gautier (1812-1897), riding master to the King of Denmark, and his family. He was the first Gautier to settle permanently in Denmark and thus became the father of the Danish branch of the family.

Carl J.A. Gautier belonged to the circus family Gautier. It was founded by Jean Baptiste Gautier (1758-1822). On the GENEALOGY page you will find a link to a comprehensive (though not complete) genealogical tree of his descendants. In this genealogy you will find the names of many other circus families who intermarried with the Gautier family.

A description (in French!) of the origin of the family and of the life of its first generations in the old Papal State in Southern France may be found on the French version of these pages when it is ready.

You may want to have a look on the other versions of my home page: American, French or German (see links to the left).

Didier Gautier

Didier Gautier


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